2014 NPC
And the 2014 New Product Competition winners are...

The 2014 New Product Competition gives us a taste of how dairy might be used in the future since contestants are college students—our future colleagues.

Last night three teams were awarded prizes in Kansas City at the American Dairy Science Association joint annual meeting. Congratulations to all!

This year’s entries are promising products for a growing market. University teams created new dairy-based foods to satisfy baby boomers’ needs in areas of taste, healthfulness and affordability.

Industry members are already paying attention; attendees at the June Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting expressed interest in following up with students.

Real-life experience
The competition is a learning opportunity where students work in teams and troubleshoot problems as they arise. They faced obstacles similar to what they would as employees of a food company—all while getting better-acquainted with dairy’s properties.

“We encountered our biggest challenge early on,” said Carmen Au of Iowa State University when her team made Oodlebar. “We had trouble balancing the dairy ingredients in a way that would create a high-protein ice cream with desirable taste and texture. By studying the ingredients in-depth and continually improving the formula, we were able to understand how the ingredients worked together, and we were able to produce a great ice cream bar.”

Students also had the chance to integrate their work on product formulation with packaging, pricing, and marketing to create a product that would meet consumer needs in the marketplace.

Photo: 2014 New Product Competition winning student team members from Iowa State University, North Carolina University and Ohio State University


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