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Dairy Research Institute leadership

Comprised of a diverse group, our research leadership team is characterized by strength and depth in experience.

Meet our research leadership

Our research team applies world-class expertise and resources to research priorities that address top industry initiatives. The team of nearly 20 research experts has a diversity of industry, academia and government experience.

Research leadership

Christopher J. Cifelli

Christopher J. Cifelli, Ph.D., director, Nutrition Research

Christopher Cifelli is involved in the development, design, initiation, management and communication of research on the health benefits of dairy. This research includes studies on the effects of dairy vitamins and minerals on bone density, weight maintenance and metabolic health. He has authored or co-authored more than 20 peer-reviewed research manuscripts, reviews and abstracts and he is an active member of numerous scientific organizations.

Bill Graves

Bill Graves, senior vice president, Product Research

Bill Graves is responsible for all aspects of product research, including working with producers and processors to develop a strategic plan for the product research program. He provides technical expertise in dairy product, ingredient, processing and packaging technology. Graves held leadership roles at Kraft Foods Group, Inc., including in the areas of global innovation and quality, product/packaging quality and cheese, meals and dairy technology. Graves also holds five patents.

Agnes Kuzmicka

Agnes Kuzmicka, manager, Research Information

Agnes Kuzmicka manages daily administration and oversight of program databases for nutrition, product and sustainability research programs. Kuzmicka assists in management of the peer review and contracting processes of research applications and serves as a liaison to the Information Technology group to provide support and infrastructure solutions for data management.

Gregory D. Miller

Gregory D. Miller, Ph.D., M.A.C.N., president; executive vice president, Research, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs

Gregory Miller works with industry, academic, government and other professionals to build the technical research needed to grow demand for dairy, while focusing on nutrition and product research and sustainability. In addition to his role as a strategic industry leader, Miller is a member of the editorial board of several North American scholarly journals in nutrition and biochemistry.  

Michelle Slimko

Michelle Slimko, vice president for Scientific Affairs
Michelle Slimko guides strategies for partnering with government, industry and non-government organizations to co-invest in research. She leads efforts to partner with professional organizations to develop communications and tactics to inform and inspire collaboration among nutrition scientists in order to advance understanding of dairy's role as part of a healthy, sustainable diet.

Tim Stubbs

Tim Stubbs, vice president, Product Research

Tim Stubbs is responsible for leading university research programs to drive innovation and sales of U.S. dairy products on behalf of U.S. dairy farmers. He is also responsible for leading the food safety activities of the Innovation Center for US Dairy.  Stubbs has 25 years of research and development experience and has held many leadership positions at Kraft Foods and Hillshire Brands/Sara Lee.
Moises Torres-Gonzalez

Moises Torres-Gonzalez Ph.D., director, Nutrition Research

Moises Torres-Gonzalez oversees the nutrition research efforts of milkfat. He has a strong background in cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism and has published more than 15 peer-reviewed scientific articles.  Prior joining DMI, Torres-Gonzalez was a research scientist at Oregon State University and the University of California-San Diego. He is an active member of several scientific organizations.

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