Priority areas

Grocery employee in the dairy department

Health and wellness opportunities

Dairy foods are good for a lifetime. Connecting the unique nutrient and health benefits of dairy to consumers’ wants and needs creates opportunities to enhance Americans’ well-being, grow dairy sales and amplify dairy’s health and wellness story.

Cheese and sodium

Cheese not only tastes great but also contributes important nutrients that can be part of a healthy eating plan. While cheese contributes less than 8 percent of sodium in the U.S. diet , public health concern about dietary sodium is on the rise. New technologies and consumer education are key to proactively address the cheese and sodium challenge.
Child enjoying a tasty cheese snack


Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt are good to excellent sources of high-quality protein and contain other essential nutrients. However, many consumers are unaware these dairy products provide quality protein. By spreading the word about how dairy products can help satisfy consumer need states throughout their lifetime, we can increase consumer awareness and grow sales.
Active women drinking milk

Healthy kids: cheese and pizza

Making homemade pizza with cheese
School meals that include pizza and cheese help provide students important nutrition with a taste that they love. This represents a significant market for the industry. Manufacturers can take action by educating consumers and thought leaders on the positive contributions pizza and cheese can provide to students’ diets.

Healthy kids: flavored milk

The dairy industry has collaborated on innovations to help ensure healthful foods are available for children, including milk and flavored milk in schools. While flavored milk represents approximately 8 percent of the total fluid milk volume sold in the United States per year, protecting its availability in schools runs much deeper than sales: It is about helping children achieve more healthful meals through nutrients found in milk, such as calcium, vitamin D and potassium, which are below recommended intakes in most students’ diets.

Healthy kids: breakfast opportunity

School officials understand the importance of breakfast in fueling their students’ readiness to learn, yet it is an under-developed area compared with school lunch. Dairy manufacturers have a viable opportunity to innovate tasty and nutritious breakfast options to help motivate more students to eat breakfast at school and increase incremental sales.
Young girls drinking milk