CrossFit Champ Signs on to Promote Milk in Michigan

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  • August 21, 2017

CrossFit champ Rich Froning, Jr. is such a fan of milk he has a five-gallon dispenser of it on the wall in his gym.

So it’s only fitting he was just named an athlete ambassador for Milk Means More, a Michigan initiative to help people better understand dairy farming, local dairy products and nutrition.

Froning is a four-time worldwide CrossFit Games winner, a fitness regimen that involves high-intensity interval training, and owns a CrossFit gym—also known as a “box.” He says that while some people may be afraid of carbs, dairy—specifically, chocolate milk—can be a great post-workout drink.

“I encourage the athletes to consume dairy daily and to use it as part of their recovery,” says Froning.

Froning comes by his love of dairy honestly: His cousins own a dairy farm in Sunfield, Michigan. 


This post was originally published 7/20/2017.