#DairyDanceOff: Watch dairy farmers bust out their moves

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  • March 28, 2018

Dairy farmers from across the country work hard and put in long hours caring for their cows, but they can still shake it off and have some fun!

Some of our farmers shared their best, wackiest and silliest dance moves, and we hope they bring you a little bit of cheer! You can also follow along on social using the hashtag #DairyDanceOff.

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Cow Comfort Inn gets the party started...



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...and Spruce Row Farm keeps it going!


Jeremy Thompson brings the moves from Maryland


It's a family affair for Borzick Farms in Wisconsin.


Give it up for Logan Moore!


Looks like the cows are getting in the groove, too, at Logan Courtney's farm...


...and on Jessica's farm!


Dotterer Dairy shakes off the blues across the farm.


You're never too young to bust a move on Garden Valley Farmstead!


Angie's cows love her moves (and so do we)!


Maple Lane Farms gets down with the cows!



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Jenna's cows love the "Hoedown Throwdown"! 


And it never hurts to throw a harmonica into the mix!




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On Brookhill Dairy, the dogs know how to have a good time too.


Michelle's milkshake brings all the cows to the barn!



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Melissa's dance routine, featuring a cameo from her dog.



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Who ya gunna call?! Kelly!


Love this choreography!



The Broom's Bloom Ice Cream Boys are challenging other ice cream stores to get in on the fun.



The whole gang is getting involved at South Mountain Creamery!



This #DairyDanceOff takes it to the next level with some cow art.



It's looking like Uptown Funk is a #DairyDanceOff favorite!



And even Bitmojis are getting in on the action.


Kyle says he's uncoordinated, but we disagree!



#dairydanceoff round 2!

A post shared by Jessica Miller (@dairygirl2010) on

Jessica is all about the #DairyDanceOff. She went for round 2! 

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