#DairyDanceOff: Watch dairy farmers bust out their moves

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  • March 28, 2018

Dairy farmers from across the country work hard and put in long hours caring for their cows, but they can still shake it off and have some fun!

The #DairyDanceOff fun continues...

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Our friends at Rickreall Dairy rose to the #DairyDanceOff challenge and dared others to do the same! 


 We bet you can't watch Moo Moo Belle's #DairyDanceOff without smiling. 


And it's hard not to clap along with these moooooves!



An adorable calf in the background couldn't resist getting in on this brilliant choreography.



And we have no doubt this one would make Whitney Houston proud! 



Every music video should have dairy products for props...



...dogs, too, obviously! 



Loving this carpool karaoke version of the #DairyDanceOff! Could a #DairySingOff be next?!



This trio nailed it! 


Taylor Reber crushes her #DairyDanceOff while she works.



Who ever said dairy farmers can't rap??



Mary from Mackinson Dairy Farm said it well. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's learning to dance in the rain!



Here's looking at the next generation of dairy farmers! Cole (a.k.a. Pinch) wants to grow up to be like his dad and grandpa. 



And this family gets three generations of dairy dancers all into one video! 


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