See How Dairy Goes From Farm to Table

  • Article
  • November 1, 2018

Did you ever wonder how milk turns into the dairy foods we love? Or who the farmers are who help bring nutritious dairy foods to our tables?

Go behind the scenes to see how farmers across the U.S. are caring for their cows and the land while nourishing our communities. Through interactive content and helpful guides, you can learn about the technology and innovations found on farms today. You’ll find out what cows eat, how farmers recycle and how milk is turned into dairy foods like cheese and yogurt — with a little help from science!

Check out the resources available through Discovery Education:

Virtual Field Trip: Take a nearly 30-minute “field trip” with third-generation dairy farmers Chuck and Nora Feldpausch as they work with their team of veterinarians, nutritionists and other staff to bring us delicious dairy foods.

360 Video & Hotspot Image: See how technology helps a 200-year-old Virginia farm take care of cows and produce nutritious milk.

Dairy Food Science Lesson Plan & Video: Through a national school curriculum-based plan, learn more about dairy farmers and how milk turns into the dairy foods we love through science.