Elevating Dairy Research to Ensure a Healthy, Safe Food Supply

  • Article
  • June 30, 2020

The world population is expected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. Increasing agricultural output and environmental stewardship to ensure a healthy and safe food supply without depleting finite resources will be necessary to meet global demand.

In response to this, a concerted effort has been made by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Agricultural Research Service; USDA – National Institute of Food and Agriculture; and National Dairy Council to think more broadly about the direction, translation and dissemination of dairy-related research.

Key topics addressed by experts in industry, academia and government were categorized under the following research areas: human nutrition; environmental sustainability; food safety and product innovation.

Members of the dairy community identified gaps in knowledge within each of these key topics. A working group addressed these gaps by describing successes to date and the necessary actions in research and extension that will help fill these knowledge gaps.

The results of this work can be found in the USDA/NDC co-authored paper, “Elevating Dairy Research and Extension Through Partnership: A Framework for Strategic Collaboration.” The framework’s development serves as the agenda for coordinated collaboration among the private and public sectors that demonstrates a strategic approach to strengthen dairy’s role in a nutritious, safe and sustainable food supply.

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