Fruit & Oatmeal Smoothie (Sports Nutrition Recipe Graphic)

  • Infographic
  • May 25, 2016

This convenient, tasty recipe provides high-quality protein and other essential nutrients. You can share this graphic with your athletes and active clients on social media one of two ways:

  • Download this graphic and use the sample social media posts below.  
  • Click the blue share button on the graphic and insert your preferred text using the sample social media posts below. 


Fruit & Oatmeal Smoothie

Sample Facebook Social Media Posts: 

  • A combination of carbs, protein and fluids within 15-60 minutes post-workout is needed for exercise recovery. Try this fruit and oatmeal smoothie with nutrient-rich milk!
  • Get an extra protein boost by adding whey protein to this yummy fruit and oatmeal smoothie:
  • Smoothies are a simple, nutrient-packed way to eat on-the-go. Try this different twist on your smoothie with kefir and cooked oats to help support a healthy digestion


Sample Twitter Social Media Posts: 

  • Try this nutritious #smoothie w/kefir & cooked oats for on-the-go nutrition:
  • W/high-quality #protein, this fruit #smoothie is a great post #workout snack for recovery!
  • For an extra #protein boost add #whey protein to this yummy fruit and oatmeal #smoothie.


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