Get Connected to America's Dairy Farmers

  • Article
  • October 16, 2018

Ever wonder where the dairy foods you love come from? Perhaps you haven’t visited a farm since a school trip or on some long-ago vacation with your family. Thanks to social media, you can connect with dairy farmers directly.

As you visit their pages you’ll find common themes. These dairy farmers who are devoted to helping feed us care deeply about their communities, their land and their animals. And somehow, despite working round the clock seven days a week, 365 days a year, they make time to share their work on social media. Here’s your chance to meet the real farmers and stories behind the dairy foods you love.

If you’re on Twitter:

Jenni Tilton-Flood 

The self-declared “Dairy Farmer. Maine Girl. Dope Soul,” Jenni Tilton-Flood (@jtiltonflood) shares a heady mix of culture, politics and Cabot cheese, not to mention field hockey when it’s in season. She’s like your best friend’s cool big sister. 

Nate Chittenden

New York’s Nate Chittenden (aka FarmerNate) love his cows, and the pleasure he gets from working his farm shows. You can also learn more about Chittenden in this series of podcasts.

If you’re on Facebook:

 Derrick Josi 

 When you visit Oregon dairy farmer Derrick Josi’s Facebook page Tillamook Dairy Farmer, you’ll notice the videos that make up his blog, but you’ll be drawn in by this fourth-generation farmer’s insightful and often humorous commentary.


Katie Dotterer-Pyle


If you’re curious about the life of a dairy farmer, visit Katie Dotterer-Pyle’s Cow Comfort Inn page. You’ll get absorbed by the humor and hard work that goes into taking great care of cows on a Maryland farm.


Jessica Peters


Want straight-from-the-heart videos, photos and posts about life on a Pennsylvania dairy farm? Then you should check out Jessica Peters’ posts at Spruce Row Farms. The emotion is real, and you might also be treated to the occasional musical number.

If you’re on Instagram:

Wiscowsin Gal

NY Farm Girls 

Sure, if it’s Instagram you know to expect a lot of beautiful pictures of cows, calves and farm life. But when you get to know Nebraska’s Jenna at WiscowsinGal and New York sisters Evelyn, Claudi and JoJo at NYFarmGirls, you’ll come to appreciate the dirty knees and muddy smiles these hard-working farmers earned caring for their cows.

Kyle Humphrey 


Expansive shots of wide-open country and gorgeous cows fill Texas farmer Kyle Humphrey’s page. Check out the video too!

David Jones 

If your Instagram page is called WinesandBovines, then you better deliver the goods, and California’s David Jones does just that. For all his antics, it’s Bourbon the dog that often steals the show.

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