Milk: Our Top 12 Milk Resources

  • Article
  • January 18, 2018

Here at National Dairy Council we have many resources on milk – but where does one start?

Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Think Your Drink (PDF): When it comes to nutrition, milk delivers! Find out how milk compares nutritionally to other popular beverages.
  2. Is Milk Good For You? (Article): Your body needs certain nutrients to be its best, and milk contains many of them.
  3. What's the Difference Between Whole Milk and Fat-Free Milk? (Article): Learn how the options can help meet your needs.
  4. Chocolate Milk FAQs (PDF): Find answers to common flavored milk questions like “How nutritious is flavored milk?”
  5. 1% Chocolate Milk is Back (PDF): Learn more about how low-fat (1 percent) chocolate and other low-fat flavored milks have a place in school meal programs due to the nutrition they offer.
  6. Is Milk Bad For You? (Article): National Dairy Council experts share the many reasons why milk is good for you and help us better understand some common concerns people may have.
  7. Milk's Food Safety Story (Article): From the farm to the processing plant and then to the store, milk is strictly monitored to ensure the highest level of freshness, purity and great taste.
  8. What’s in Your Glass? Understanding Alternatives to Milk (Article & Infographic): Understand your choices when it comes to comparing cow’s milk and milk substitutes.
  9. Understanding Cow's Milk Allergy (Article): Here are eight facts about a cow’s milk allergy.
  10. Lactose Intolerance Facts (Article): Get everything you need to know about lactose intolerance here.
  11. Choose Well, Live Well: Low-Fat Milk (PDF): Find out why low-fat milk is a nutritious option for families.
  12. 3 Servings of Milk Delivers a Unique Nutrient Package (PDF): Milk’s essential nutrients can be difficult to replace in a healthy dietary pattern. Learn more!

Looking for more resources? Find answers to common questions or definitions