Murals Inspired by Dairy Devotion

  • Slideshow
  • July 19, 2018

From coast to coast, talented artists are capturing what makes the dairy community great. Strong family values, a commitment to cow care and ensuring delicious, high-quality dairy products are just a few of the things portrayed in murals popping up in restaurants, on barns and in other unexpected places.

From farmers to race car drivers to professional chefs, dairy is prevalent in the lives of many different people. You can see examples of these murals in the slideshow below, and read on to learn more about the inspiration behind the art.

It’s part of Undeniably Dairy, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy’s effort to connect Americans with the faces and people behind the dairy foods they love. Each one-of-a-kind mural is designed to show how the dairy community is responsible for producing the foods that end up on tables across the country. 

Hilmar Cheese Company, of California, was started by 12 dairy families with the goal of educating their community on agriculture, on top of making high-quality cheese. Those values still stand strong today, and they wanted to display their own appreciation for their community by honoring them with a mural by Ed Trask.

Most people buy food not knowing how it was made or where it comes from. Two murals by Nils Westergard in New York help create the connection. Dutch Hollow Farm in Schodack Landing, New York, features a mural of Chef Marc Forgione, of “Iron Chef” fame, on the side of a barn. Reciprocating the gesture, the Marc Forgione Restaurant displayed a mural of Dutch Hollow farmer Nate Chittenden. The farm produces some of the dairy featured in dishes at the popular TriBeCa restaurant, where Forgione places importance on incorporating dairy into his recipes as well as supporting family businesses.

Pizza Hut went to great lengths to honor the dairy community in June, National Dairy Month. Their employees painted a “Farm to Table” mural that included elements of a dairy farm as well as dairy ingredients that go into a pizza. The mural honored and strengthened the devotion Pizza Hut’s employees have for the hard-working dairy community.

The Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, a family-run business located in Waterloo, Wisconsin, that’s recognized for its respect for cows, sustainability efforts and cheese, debuted a 52-foot mural at its cheese-making facility. Olivia Wise portrayed the deep-rooted values of this family-run business.

The Indianapolis 500 has a tradition dating back to 1933 in which the winner of the race drinks a bottle of milk. This year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, two new murals by Dave Sookochoff featured a driver and a dairy farmer, united by their excitement for dairy.

No matter which part of dairy’s story each mural portrays, they all have one thing in common: a vibrant representation of devotion to dairy.