Revealing The Udder Truth about Dairy

  • Article
  • Video
  • June 16, 2017

How are cows really treated on dairy farms? Are there antibiotics in the milk I drink? Are big farms bad? Many questions exist when it comes to the dairy industry and with so many conflicting messages, it’s sometimes difficult to decipher fact from fiction.

Welcome to The Udder Truth, a video series that puts hardworking farmers in front of the camera and asks them to address some of the dairy industry’s most common myths. Using excerpts from people’s real comments on social media, we confront concerns right where it all starts — on the farm.

With the help of three passionate and dedicated dairy farmers like Annie Link, we’re taking you behind the scenes to show what’s really happening on dairy farms and how the myths you may have heard are just that—myths. And that, friends, is the The Udder Truth.

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This story was originally posted on 7/21/2015.