Taking Care of the Cows

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  • June 1, 2016


Cows come first on a dairy farm and for good reason. When farmers give the best care to their cows the animals stay healthy and give delicious, wholesome milk. 

Watch some of our farmers explain how they take care of the animals on their farms.  


Animal care is critical on Idaho dairy farmer Rudi DeWinkle’s farm. Learn how his family cares for their cows in the video.


From temperature-controlled barns to showers and fans, here’s how Ohio dairy farmers make sure their cows are comfortable.


Dairy farmers want their cows to be healthy, so sometimes that means giving a cow antibiotics – but it’s done judiciously. Learn more here.


Where do cows live? It can vary all over the nation, but here’s a look into a dairy cow barn in Ohio. The barn allows the cows to move about to eat, drink or rest wherever they like.


Farmers work closely with cow nutritionists to develop a balanced and nutritious diet for the cows. Check out how they make that happen.


As you can see in the video above, each calf has its own pen, or hutch. These hutches have ample space for the calf to move around – plus, they protect them from large cows and bad weather.


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