Taking Care of the Land

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  • June 1, 2016


Caring for the land, air and water is a responsibility dairy farmers take seriously. They work with experts to find new ways to reduce the energy they use, conserve water and develop renewable energy sources.


Most dairy farmers live on or near the very land that they farm. They understand the importance of protecting natural resources because they rely on them every day.


Farmers often recycle cow manure and use it as a fertilizer for crops. Federal, state and local clean water laws regulate how manure is applied on cropland, to help ensure that nutrients are absorbed by crops, not groundwater.


Some dairy farms are using new technology that converts manure to electricity, which can power their farms, their homes and their community.


Watch how technology helps farmers take better care of their cows, and allow them to grow their farms – without compromising quality.


Eager to see more ways farmers embrace technology? Check out how innovation has helped this farm stay a family farm. 


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