What Does Science Say About Childhood Nutrition?

  • Article
  • January 22, 2015

Healthy eating patterns throughout life, which start in early childhood, can help achieve and maintain good health and are associated with reduced risk of certain chronic diseases. To provide realistic interventions that allow children to reach their optimal health and wellness we need to use an ecological approach that encompasses physiological, behavioral, nutritional, social, cultural and environmental factors which influence childhood health.

While the National Dairy Council (NDC) has a century-long history commitment to child health and wellness, there is a need to expand current research on childhood health to embrace a multifactorial approach. NDC is launching a new, dedicated research area to meet this need.

To help shape the childhood nutrition research platform, we at NDC are co-hosting a conference with the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center to convene cross-disciplinary experts on childhood health. We will discuss the emerging scientific evidence on childhood health and nutrition. Additionally, the science behind effective outreach programs will be discussed to better understand how to translate the latest scientific findings into meaningful recommendations and intervention programs. A detailed agenda can be found here. This conference will take place in Little Rock, Ark., on January 27-28.

We are confident this conference will spark robust dialogue and provide insight for the future of childhood nutrition research. Shortly following the conference, health and wellness professionals will have access to the conference information, including recorded presentations, and the opportunity to obtain up to 8 continued professional education units via NDC’s website. Additionally two review papers will be developed proceeding the conference and shared electronically once published in a peer reviewed journal: “The Mother-Child Diet Dialogue: What We Know and Don’t Know” and “Translating Childhood Obesity Research into Practical Approaches.”

Whether you are attending the conference or not, you can engage in our twitter conversations via @NtlDairyCouncil throughout the event by following the conference hashtag, #childhealth. If you would like additional information or have any questions about the event please contact Elieke Demmer, Ph.D., RD, Manager of Nutrition Research at National Dairy Council.