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Did you know that 83 percent of households purchased yogurt in 2012? Leverage the natural wholesomeness of cultured dairy products to provide flavorful, innovative solutions that meet consumers’ needs for active lifestyle support or convenience.


Cultured dairy products offer a wide variety of nutritional benefits, especially for today’s label-conscious consumer. Active adults, kids and an aging population all can benefit from good to excellent sources of protein found in cultured dairy products.

Did you know cultured dairy products provide a range of 5 to 23 grams of protein per 8 ounces based on the product? Plus, these foods provide other important nutrients, including potassium and calcium.
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New Greek yogurt products, kefir drinks (a fermented product containing a greater amount of probiotics and yeasts compared with yogurt) and healthy yogurt-based smoothies are just a few innovations driving growth for this segment. In fact, 2012 category sales for yogurt alone were $50.9 billion worldwide.
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