On-farm resources

More efficient and profitable

Every farm operation is different, but all have a common goal: to take steps — some small and some large — toward becoming a more efficient and profitable contributor to our nation’s food system and communities. The projects below aim to advance best practices that can help.

Cow of the Future®

This project seeks scientifically sound, economically viable and socially responsible ways of reducing enteric methane emissions through improvements in dairy cow nutrition, genetics and health. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for fluid milk by 600,000 metric tons through the adoption of existing technologies and practices and research into new opportunities.
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Dairy Power™

Partnerships between dairy farms, food processors and retailers have the potential, with resource recovery, to turn waste into a source of value with anaerobic methane digester systems. A long-term strategy, this new business model for dairy digesters combines food waste with cow manure to maximize environmental, economic and community benefits. For more information on resource recovery, visit the Dairy Powersection of our site here.  

Farm Smart™

The methodology and science that lie within the Farm Smart tool became the foundation for a new Environmental Stewardship module within the National Dairy FARM Program. The module, available to FARM program participants in early 2017, integrates Farm Smart’s science-based models to provide dairy producers, cooperatives and companies with a more streamlined, single source for voluntary on-farm assessment and communication of GHG emissions and energy use on dairy farms.

Farm Energy Efficiency™

Elements of the Farm Energy Efficiency program were incorporated into the FARM Environmental Stewardship module described above. You can also find general information about ways to save money by reducing energy use on your farm or learn how to connect with an EnSave energy expert on the Farm Energy Efficiency portion of our site.
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