On-farm resources: Dairy Power

It's only waste if you waste it

The methane produced by cow manure can be converted into valuable by-products, including renewable energy, biogas, fiber and fertilizer to grow more food. The Dairy Power project is focused on resource recovery — harvesting the value in manure and creating viable business models that will lead to a more sustainable food system for the 21st century.


Biogas Opportunities Roadmap
Biogas Opportunities Roadmap will foster innovation, revenue streams for dairy farms
The White House released a Biogas Opportunities Roadmap highlighting the economic and environmental benefits and potential for biogas systems on dairy farms in the U.S.
See the power and potential of food waste partnerships
A case study about a coalition of urban and rural partners that are converting waste into sustainable, natural resources for the community
Cleveland food waste helps anaerobic digesters create fuel

See how food scraps from the Cleveland Browns stadium and other sites are collected and used to help an anaerobic digester produce clean, renewable biogas and fuel.

It’s only waste if you waste it
A presentation on dairy as a solution to enabling a sustainable food system for the 21st century.
Graph showing fiber, nutrient and eco-system markets potentially add hundreds to the value of each dairy cow
National market value of anaerobic digester products: full report

This report outlines the industry wide production possibilities and market values that can be achieved by disposing of cow manure and organic substrates such as food waste in anaerobic digester systems.

U.S. dairy report: national market value of anaerobic digester products
In this presentation, representatives from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, Informa Economics, Washington State University and the American Biogas Council discuss the recently released market potential report and opportunities for future industry growth.
Big Sky West Dairy: summary of estimated values

Learn more about the estimated values of fiber, electricity, carbon credits and renewable energy credits based on a 3,000-head dairy in Idaho.

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