Dairy Sustainability Alliance®: Our members

The Dairy Sustainability Alliance® is comprised of organizations all along the dairy supply chain that are committed to being leaders in sustainability. All of our efforts and outcomes are precompetitive and will be made available to the entire industry. If you’re interested in joining the Dairy Sustainability Alliance®, please contact Angela Hessinger to determine the appropriate level of involvement.

Our members

 Dairy Sustainability Alliance Members 2018


Your time commitment to the Dairy Sustainability Alliance® is dependent on your organization’s desired level of involvement (beyond fulfillment of the general Terms of Membership) and its role within the supply chain.

The Dairy Sustainability Alliance® meets in person twice a year: the Dairy Sustainability Forum each spring focuses solely on dairy sustainability topics and is held alongside the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards Ceremony, and the Sustainable Agriculture Summit each fall convenes leaders from across the agricultural value chain for the premier sustainability event for production agriculture. Hear directly from partners, sponsors and attendees about the Summit in this video. 

In addition to these in-person meetings, there are occasional webinars conducted by the Dairy Sustainability Alliance® both for members and for specific project working groups. 

Membership Guidelines

Dairy Sustainability Alliance® membership represents every link in the supply chain, uniting the dairy community on a common sustainability journey. Dairy farmer representatives are appointed by the Innovation Center with consent of the Innovation Center and DMI Board chairs, although all are welcome to attend our events. Companies and organizations from other parts of the supply chain should contact Angela Hessinger if interested in becoming a Dairy Sustainability Alliance® member. Dairy Sustainability Alliance® members are asked to agree to the following Terms of Membership: 

2. Designate appropriate contact(s) within the organization to serve as your representative on the Dairy Sustainability Alliance®
3. In-person representation at minimum of one Dairy Sustainability Alliance® meeting per year
4. Active engagement with the dairy industry
Examples: Endorsement of Stewardship and Sustainability Framework for U.S. Dairy (the Framework) metrics and/or the National Dairy FARM Program, submitting a Sustainability Awards nomination or serving as a judge, serving on development teams for the Framework, attending Dairy Sustainability Alliance® webinars, having a representative on the Innovation Center board or its committees, participation in the Common Voice network, etc.
5. Ongoing support of sustainability communication efforts
Examples: Mentioning the Dairy Sustainability Alliance®’s work in your annual sustainability report, linking organization websites, publicity of the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards Program, speaking on the industry’s behalf at conferences, social media engagement through the Dairy Hub Amplification Center, etc.
6. Completion of annual member engagement survey



Membership will be evaluated annually based on compliance with the above terms.