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In order to keep the dairy industry strong, National Dairy Council® product research drives demand for dairy products and ingredients through the funding of pre-competitive nutrition and product research.

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Driving innovation and growing opportunities

We’re working with the industry to accelerate innovation through scientific research on quality and performance improvements in dairy products, ingredients and advanced processing technology.

Dairy Foods Research Centers

Our research program works in partnership with the world-renowned National Dairy Foods Research Centers to provide a comprehensive array of resources, including research, education, pilot plant facilities, training and technical assistance.
Dairy Research Centers

Whey ingredients and coproducts

Ongoing research on whey protein quality is identifying opportunities to improve the flavor, aroma and performance of these ingredients for use in higher-protein foods and beverages. Research on permeate also has helped identify its ability to replace salt in formulations.
Protein bars

Milk ingredients, fractions and powders

The fractionation of milk now is economically and technically feasible because of recent research advances. As we continue to explore this area, we’re looking to discover new processing technologies and applications to expand its use.
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Learn more about current research that focuses on improving the quality and safety of cheese, developing lower-sodium options and creating and manufacturing nutritionally enhanced and specialty cheeses.
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Cultured products

Research on the use of different processes and ingredients helped advance the manufacturing of popular products, such as Greek yogurt, kefir and frozen smoothies, with higher protein concentrations.
Cultured products research drives development of new yogurt products and applications

Fluid milk and dairy beverages

Fluid milk product research seeks to link technical quality factors such as light oxidation and fat levels to consumer liking in an effort to identify and share best practices. We’re also working with industry to accelerate innovation of fluid milk and dairy-based beverages to help better answer consumers’ beverage needs.
Fluid milk and dairy beverages

New Product Competition

The National Dairy Council® New Product Competition seeks the next new innovative product. Undergraduate and graduate students in the United States and Canada are eligible to compete by developing a new dairy or dairy based beverage that will be the drink of choice for 15-25 Year old consumers. Successful entries will meet competition criteria, demonstrate innovation and provide value to consumers.