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In order to keep the dairy industry strong, the Dairy Research Institute® (DRI) drives demand for dairy products and ingredients through the funding of pre-competitive nutrition and product research.

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This year, students have the opportunity to win $16,000 by developing a new dairy food or beverage targeting baby boomers. Judges will identify three winners who develop a product for any occasion that is healthy, affordable and good-tasting.

Finding new ways to meet a sizeable market


First place 2013: Mooofins®

Mooofins® are a dairy-based, quichelike muffin developed for adults seeking a high-protein, on-the-go breakfast item. Flavors including blueberry sausage, maple bacon and bell pepper mushroom build on the rich dairy notes — meeting an important consumer need for favorite tastes in dairy products.1 An excellent source of protein (15 g per serving) and calcium (250 mg per serving), they are packed with dairy, including cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, whey and nonfat dried milk, which combine to make up 70 percent of total ingredients used in the formulation. Yogurt and whey protein concentrate replaced eggs in the formulation to maintain a moist, delicate and fluffy product that consumers are sure to love.
Second place 2013: DayBreakers

DayBreakers put an American twist on gulab jamun, a fried Indian food, providing a sweet morning option that is easy to prepare. Similar in appearance and flavor to French toast sticks, DayBreakers are gluten-free and an excellent source of dairy protein, containing 17 g of protein and 310 mg of calcium per serving. Developed for adults trying to consume more protein in their diets, DayBreakers include milk protein concentrate with 80 percent protein (MPC 80) as well as nonfat dried milk (NFDM).
Third place 2013: Whey-Go

A microwavable, easy-to-eat product made of a hearty egg, bacon and cheese scramble inside a crispy waffle crust, Whey-Go meets the needs of adults looking for a convenient breakfast option to satisfy their morning hunger. The combination of morning favorites is 51 percent dairy ingredients, including fat-free milk, low-fat American and Swiss cheese, whey protein and unsalted butter. Whey-Go is an excellent source of protein with 23 g per serving, which includes 14 g of dairy protein from the fat-free milk, low-fat cheeses and whey protein isolate. Each serving also is an excellent source of calcium, providing 50 percent of the Daily Value, or 500 mg.
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tOATal Milk
First place 2012: tOATal Milk

Created with health-conscious adults in mind, tOATal Milk is oat-infused vanilla milk enhanced with protein, probiotics, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and fiber. The entry caters to the growing sports-performance beverage market and leverages the benefits of protein shakes and grain/nut milks while delivering the nutrition consumers expect from dairy. With 14 g of protein and 4 g of fiber per serving, tOATal Milk has a light, sweet flavor profile. By combining the techniques used in the production of fluid milk and beer, the team was able to develop this novel product with only slight modifications to traditional dairy processing equipment.
Mighty Mango
Second place 2012: Mighty Mango

Greek yogurt sales have increased significantly in recent years. Building on the product’s popularity, Mighty Mango is an on-the-go drinkable yogurt that can be consumed postexercise. Recent research has suggested that a high-protein diet improves satiety, which can aid in weight loss. Targeted to health-conscious women, Mighty Mango contains nearly 10 g of protein and fewer than 200 calories per serving. The product is packaged in a biodegradable bottle to appeal to consumers’ desire for environmentally friendly products. Future flavors could include Powerful Pineapple, Brawny Berry, Toned Tangelo or Fierce Fig.
Wired Berry
Third place 2012: Wired Berry

In the United States, energy drinks make up 62.6 percent of the functional beverage market.2 With the caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee (100 mg) in a drinkable yogurt consistency, Wired Berry taps into this growing market. Developed with teenagers and young adults in mind, the product is a healthy alternative that provides antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium and protein in addition to caffeine. Made with low-fat yogurt, the product is flavored with blueberry and strawberry purees and contains 190 calories per serving.
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