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In order to keep the dairy industry strong, National Dairy Council® product research drives demand for dairy products and ingredients through the funding of pre-competitive nutrition and product research.

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The National Dairy Council® New Product Competition seeks the next new innovative product. Undergraduate and graduate students in the United States and Canada are eligible to compete by developing a new dairy or dairy based beverage that will be the drink of choice for 15-25 Year old consumers. Successful entries will meet competition criteria, demonstrate innovation and provide value to consumers.

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2016 Contenders

The products below were developed by students as part of a student innovation competition and have not been evaluated for legal and regulatory requirements. All data related to this product were provided by the students and have not been independently verified by National Dairy Council.
2016 Panikotta

FIRST PLACE: Panikotta, North Carolina State University

Putting a Greek spin on an Italian classic, Panikotta is a new version of the authentic Italian dessert, panna cotta. Its smooth and creamy honey vanilla base is made with ultra-filtered whole milk combined with 2 percent Greek yogurt and cultured non-fat dry milk. Multi-compartment packaging houses mango fruit coulis and candied ginger bits for toppings that add refreshing, invigorating flavors. With 10 grams of protein per serving, Panikotta is an excellent source of protein and is a good source of calcium, and vitamins A and C. Its smooth texture and fresh ingredients make Panikotta a great dairy snack to enjoy any time of day.

2016 Beyond the Bar

Beyond the Bar, Iowa State University 

Looking for a snack alternative to the everyday ice cream sandwich to eat after a workout or to combat a late afternoon energy slump? Beyond the Bar frozen yogurt sandwich flavored with Matcha green tea may fit the bill. It packs 14 gm of protein per 70 gm serving so is an excellent source of protein. A chocolate swirl through the bar provides energy with a touch of indulgence. Beyond the Bar is made with 59 percent dairy ingredients, including frozen Greek yogurt and milk protein concentrate 85 (MPC85).

2016 FuelBites

FuelBites, Kansas State University

FuelBites are milk-based protein chews packaged conveniently for pocket or purse for people who want a handy source of energy in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Each 12-tablet package (30 grams) provides 12 grams of dairy protein from whey phospholipid concentrate and nonfat dry milk with only 100 calories. FuelBites are available in caffeine-free Strawberry Crème flavor or Cappuccino with 150 mg caffeine. The chews are fortified with vitamins C and E which serve as a preservative. Each 12-chew package is considered an excellent source of protein and vitamin D and a good source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A.

2016 Hearty Heifers

 Hearty Heifers, The Pennsylvania State University

Unlike chips, crackers, or other salty snacks, Hearty Heifers are cheese crisps that provide a concentrated source of nourishment pre- or post-workout or anytime. Hearty Heifers are gluten-free and baked with real cheese and whey protein. Each 15-cracker serving provides 140 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrate and is packed with 17 grams of dairy protein (an excellent source) and is a good source of B vitamins, calcium, and zinc. Current flavors include Cheddar, Parmesan, and pepper jack, but they can be made from a variety of different cheeses. Hearty Heifers taste great eaten alone or with fresh fruits, milk, or other beverages.

2016 Java Chill

Java Chill, Virginia Polytechnic Institute 

Java Chill is an “instant” iced coffee drink that can provide a morning pick-me-up or a mid-day boost when energy lags. But unlike some other iced coffees, Java Chill provides 10 grams of protein per 8-ounce serving from REAL® whole and reduced fat ultra-filtered milk. It is flavored with cocoa and instant espresso powder and lightly sweetened with Stevia for a “clean” label with only a few simple ingredients. Consumers simply take Java Chill from the freezer, add freshly brewed hot coffee of desired strength and shake until the frozen cubes are completely melted and hands feel the chill. An excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and protein, Java Chill allows people to get milk into their day without changing their routine.

2016 Moobites

 Moobites, The Ohio State University

 This bite-sized, shelf-stable protein snack may be the perfect solution to an afternoon energy slump. Made from whole milk powder, whey protein isolate and yogurt with active yogurt cultures, a 45-gram package of Moobites contains 10 grams of protein. Moobites are designed to appeal to health conscious people who appreciate simple ingredients. Stevia provides sweetness and β-carotene provides a source of color. In addition, guarana seed extract (0.5 mg/serving) provides a source of caffeine in Moobites.

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