U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards : Current winners

The 2014 winners include dairy farms and operations from across the country. All are multi-generational family businesses that have made improvements to benefit not only to the environment, but their bottom lines and the communities in which they work and live.

2014 Sustainability Award Winners

Meet the 2014 winners

Each of this year’s six Sustainability Award winners have a unique story to tell. But one thing is certain — their actions, both big and small, demonstrate that wholesome dairy products are produced responsibly.

Read the case studies below to see how these pioneering dairy farms and businesses are advancing the industry’s commitment to healthy products, healthy communities and a healthy planet.


Maddox Dairy


McCarty Family Farms


Sensenig Dairy


Joseph Gallo Farms


Marshik Dairy


Vander Haak Dairy


Maddox Dairy: Outstanding dairy farm sustainability

The pioneering spirit of the Maddox family has been a source of pride and growth for this California dairy farm. By sharing their experiences with other farmers, they have opened the door to different ways of dairying.

Maddox Dairy video
See how this dairy reduced costs, lowered its environmental impact, had healthier, more productive livestock for the dairy, and cleaner air and energy for the surrounding community.

Best practices: Maddox Dairy
Did you know that the total mixed ration feeding method, the use of drive-through freestall barns and galvanized self-locking stations — standards in today’s industry — are techniques trail-blazed by Maddox Dairy?

McCarty Family Farms: Outstanding dairy farm sustainability 

Farmers know every drop of water counts. In its quest to conserve this resource, McCarty Family Farms partnered with Dannon in a way that brought new life to an entire community.

McCarty Family Farms video
Learn how one farm’s partnership had a major impact on their community.

Best practices: McCarty Family Farms
Fourteen million gallons of water — that’s how much water is extracted from milk each year at this condensed milk processing plant.

Sensenig Dairy: Outstanding dairy farm sustainability

When they realized their herd wouldn’t be able to produce enough manure to fuel a methane digester, Cliff and Andrea Sensenig collaborated with consultants and neighbors to make it work.

Sensenig Dairy video
It took three years of planning, but now the digester at Sensenig Dairy processes manure from 200 dairy animals, 2,000 hogs and 30,000 chickens.

Best practices: Sensenig Dairy
Each year, the digester reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to removing 206 cards from the road.

Joseph Gallo Farms: Outstanding dairy processing & manufacturing sustainability

Sustainability is simply a new word for an age-old concept at cheese maker Joseph Gallo Farms. But not much else is a thing of the past here; cutting edge technology helps to conserve at least 2.9 billion gallons of water each year.

Joseph Gallo Farms video
Learn about a cheese maker that believes stewardship and profitability go hand-in-hand.

Best practices: Joseph Gallo Farms
See how Joseph Gallo Farms is an example that when sustainability helps businesses succeed, it’s the communities that win.

Marshik Dairy: Outstanding achievement in energy efficiency

Robotics automation at Marshik dairy means increased cow comfort, an improved lifestyle and smart energy efficiency.

Marshik Dairy video
See how this fifth-generation, 155-cow family farm implemented a new, technologically advanced and energy efficient barn that included robotic milking facilities, energy efficient lighting and ventilation, and renewable wind and solar power.

Best practices: Marshik Dairy
“These technologies can be implemented on any size dairy, as long as you’re willing to search for the opportunities,” says Palmquist of Marshik Dairy.

Vander Haak Dairy: Outstanding achievement in renewable energy

Vander Haak Dairy, Washington State University and Andgar Corporation built Washington’s first dairy digester. Together, they monitored it to ensure it was both efficient and economical.

Vander Haak Dairy video
Washington’s first dairy digester was a test-bed for technology development and monitoring. Watch this video to learn more.

Best practices: Vander Haak Dairy
“After nearly a decade, it is safe to say Steve’s digester is literally the little engine that’s been powering a renewable energy revolution in the U.S. dairy industry,” says Steve Rowe of Darigold, Inc.