Trends & Initiatives

Market opportunities

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Future of dairy

See the future of dairy and seize it. Explore pre-competitive opportunities identified by the Future of Dairy research study.

Lactose-intolerant consumers

Better positioning, packaging and product innovation, as well as education, can help bring lactose-intolerant consumers who don’t currently drink milk, but are open to it, back to dairy.
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Hispanic market opportunity

Understanding Hispanic consumers’ beliefs, customs, experiences and behaviors (and their influence on dairy choices) will help dairy capitalize on this market opportunity.

Snacking occasions

Use strategically identified market segments to pinpoint the best opportunities to get your share of the more than $90 billion snacking opportunity .
Dairy and vegetables snack

Fluid milk innovations

Let’s expand our thinking. An analysis of a 40,000-person research study tracking beverage consumption and needs has identified opportunities to grow fluid milk consumption through thoughtful innovation.