Dairy MAX for Montana

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Danielle Butbul, MPH, RDN

Danielle Butbul caught the nutrition bug when she transformed her own diet and discovered what a positive impact it had on her physical and emotional health. She started volunteering on farms – including six months on a dairy farm – to better understand the intersection of human nutrition, the modern U.S. food system and our natural environment. After earning a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Danielle interned at public relations firm Weber Shandwick in Chicago, where she researched the latest scientific studies of dairy nutrition and disseminated the findings through digestible formats. It all came full circle when she joined the Dairy MAX team in 2019 to help her community draw closer to the farmers who produce their food. Originally from Skokie, Illinois, Danielle now lives in Denver and is a member of the Colorado Public Health Association.

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