Whey Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Learn all about why whey is loved by athletes and wellness enthusiasts alike.

Get Toned With Whey as Part of Your Fitness Routine

Whey is a protein found naturally in milk. Cheese is made from milk, and during the process of making cheese, the milk is separated into solids called curds and into a protein-rich liquid called whey. While the curds are formed into cheese, the whey is pasteurized and dried into whey protein powder for various uses.

So why choose whey? For one, it is a complete protein, meaning it features all the essential amino acids (or building blocks) your body needs. The body of research shows that whey can help build and repair muscle after workouts. Studies also show that diets higher in protein can help preserve muscle with age, help curb hunger and help maintain a healthy weight.  

Another benefit of whey protein is its neutral flavor, which adds little or no taste. Whey protein dissolves easily in liquids and provides a smooth texture.

While you can easily find whey in protein drink mixes and energy bars, you might be surprised at its versatility. You can add whey protein powder to oatmeal, soups, sauces, dips, baked goods and many other foods for a nutritious boost.