Youth Wellness

Growing kids need vital nutrients, including those found in dairy foods, to help them develop strong, healthy bodies. Helping make sure children are not at risk for hunger and poor nutrition is not only connected to their growth and development, but also their readiness to learn. When children have regular access to nutritious meals, especially breakfast, research shows a connection to better performance in school. Learn more about building healthy eating habits to support growth and development through a variety of children’s health articles, fun recipes and nutrition tips for kids.

Fuel Up

Fuel Up is an initiative created by America's Dairy Farmers and National Dairy Council to help meet the needs of schools across the country when it comes to fueling healthy bodies and healthy minds. Fuel Up is focused on helping educators and students fuel wellness in areas that matter most, like being mindful and staying healthy. Fuel Up's educational resources, partnerships and grant/funding opportunities aim to broaden access to good nutrition and overall wellness. 

Fuel Up encourages youth to eat nutrient-rich foods like low-fat and fat-free dairy, fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day.


Fuel Up Resources

Whether you are a Fuel Up pro or new to the initiative, has all you need to fuel up and fuel greatness throughout the school year. Educators can find all the resources they need in one place! 

Take a spin around!

  • The Learning Plan provides lessons that align with National Standards and helps educators incorporate Fuel Up into their classroom lessons.
  • Get access to classroom-ready resources like videos, posters, brain breaks and other downloadable materials.
  • Use the Fuel Up Playbook to strategize what will make your school a winner — by helping students eat healthy and get active!
  • Check out the Educator Dashboard for access to equipment and funding opportunities!
  • Get Inspired by what others are accomplishing with Fuel Up in their schools and communities.


Discover Undeniably Dairy

For three years, U.S. dairy farmers and Undeniably Dairy have partnered with Discovery Education, a global leader in standards-based digital content, to take 5th through 8th grade classes behind the scenes of the dairy community. The program teaches students about modern farming practices, dairy’s journey from farm to school, and the amazing innovations that are helping care for cows, communities and the planet. To date, the program has reached more than 4.5 million students.