American Dairy Association Mideast for West Virginia

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Sharon Maynard, RD, LD, FAND 

American Dairy Association Mideast 

Sharon Maynard is a registered and licensed dietitian with the American Dairy Association Mideast, the local affiliate for National Dairy Council. 

As the nutrition affairs and school wellness manager, she is responsible for medical outreach programs in West Virginia and acts as a resource for health professionals, consumer leaders, media and the dairy industry. 

Sharon is a former president and delegate of the West Virginia Dietetic Association and has served on numerous committees, including the legislative committee and the first licensure board for dietitians in West Virginia. She has been acknowledged by the West Virginia Dietetic Association with the "Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year" and the "Outstanding Dietitian of the Year" awards. Sharon is also involved in West Virginia Action for Healthy Kids, a group focused on addressing childhood obesity in West Virginia. 

Sharon graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Marshall University and completed a post-graduate internship at WVU Hospitals, Inc. She has extensive experience in the areas of clinical practice, community nutrition, nutrition education and diabetes care including medical nutrition therapy. 

Sharon can be contacted at

2800 Corporate Exchange Drive, Suite 260
Columbus, OH 43231