Milk: 90 Percent Water Plus Protein and More

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  • 1 min read June 12, 2015

A new study notes that there’s a chance that more than half of children and adolescents may not be adequately hydrated. Not getting enough fluids like water is the suspected reason. One seldom discussed and little known fact about milk is that it is about 90 percent water. Yes, you read that right, milk naturally contains about 90 percent water which can help kids stay hydrated.

Hydration is always important, but the body needs even more fluids during the hot summer months and during intense play or exercise. So, with summer here, parents need to be on double duty to help their kids stay hydrated.

Milk also comes with other important nutrients that play a role in hydration such as the electrolytes potassium and sodium which are needed to restore loss from sweat. And, of course, milk provides nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and high-quality protein important for overall growth, development and health.

If you have highly active kids and want to know more about the science behind milk, hydration and exercise, check this out from our sports nutrition expert, Dr. Matt Pikosky.

So, add hydration to your list of reasons to give your kids the recommended three servings of dairy a day.