A Company With Dedication to Community

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  • 1 min read May 26, 2018

In 1984, 12 dairy families came together not only to produce cheese, but also to bring agricultural education and neighborly support to their community. These desires still guide them today.


Hilmar Cheese Company proudly displays a mural honoring the community it serves. Muralist credit: Ed Trask

Hilmar Cheese may not be a name you know, but it’s the company behind some of your favorite store-brand cheeses. But the company is not just about cheese. It's invested in the future.

The company shows families all the ways they can get involved in the dairy world including farming, food science and veterinary science. Hilmar Cheese also awards scholarships to students who wish to pursue their dairy passion, helping send people to college to study dairy science or similar fields. This is because, at the heart of everything, the company is devoted to dairy, devoted to families, and devoted to its local and dairy communities.