Innovation Leads to Better Life for Cows, Farmers

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  • June 4, 2014

Take a moment and think back ten or even five years ago. How has technology simplified your life?

Just as innovations like Wi-Fi, GPS and new gadgets may have changed your life for the better, dairy farmers, like fourth-generation Oregon dairy farmer Kurt Mizee, find ways to innovate to make their businesses more efficient and sustainable.

Mizee grew up on his family’s farm where he learned from his father and grandfather. When it came time for him to take over the farm, he knew that if he wanted to keep it a family farm, he’d need a little help. Incorporating technology into his day-to-day activities of this 24/7 job helped.

From installing a system that automatically cleans the barn to providing automatic milkers for the cows so they can be milked whenever they want, Mizee has found ways to make his cows more comfortable. This lowers their stress and provides the farm’s employees more flexibility in their daily routine.

“It allows for a better life for the cow and for farmer,” Mizee said.