Join the Dairy Nourishes Network

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  • 1 min read February 6, 2019


“Nourish: to provide (someone or something) with food and other things that are needed to live, be healthy, etc.; to cause (something) to develop or grow stronger.”
— Merriam-Webster



National Dairy Council’s Dairy Nourishes Network brings together food, nutrition and health professionals to discuss how dairy foods are part of nourishing people and communities, while also being mindful of the planet. It is not only about how the dairy community contributes to health and sustainable food systems, but also about how health and wellness experts like you can share the story in your work to help people thrive at every age.

We invite you to join if you are:

  • A health professional (RDN, doctor, fitness professional, etc.), pre-professional (dietetic intern, medical student, etc.) or health educator/communicator (food blogger, food and culinary expert, etc.)
  • Enthusiastic about joining a movement to be “in the know” on new dairy information and research about dairy’s contributions not only to the health and wellness of people, but also to healthy communities and a healthier planet.

As an official Dairy Nourishes Network member, you’ll receive exclusive access to quarterly updates, including new dairy research, educational opportunities, resources, leadership spotlights, information about upcoming educational webinars, contests and more.

Share your passion about dairy’s role in balanced, plant-based eating patterns. We look forward to hearing from you!