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This year's challenge: develop a dairy-based snack that answers the evolving needs of today’s snacking consumer.

2017 Winners

First Place: FÜZen, Pennsylvania State University

FÜZen is a dairy-based beverage that utilizes a unique dual-bottle packaging designed to support the busy, healthy lifestyle of moderately active young adults. People have the option to drink from each 8-ounce side individually (chocolate coconut or vanilla cardamom) or together depending how their taste or needs change throughout the day. With both sides combined (270 calories), FÜZen contains 90 percent dairy ingredients, including 2 percent milk, whey protein isolate and micellar casein (chocolate-coconut side only), is an excellent source of protein, calcium and vitamin D and a good source of potassium and vitamin A. The 8-ounce chocolate-coconut side of FÜZen provides slightly more protein (16 gm vs. 10 gm), less added sugar (2 vs. 4 gm), and fewer calories (110 vs. 160) than the side flavored with vanilla and cardamom.

Second Place: Mate Au Lait Protein Plus, Kansas State  

Mate Au Lait Protein Plus is a unique, ready-to-drink, dairy-based tea beverage made with only four simple ingredients: whole milk, brewed Yerba mate tea, sugar and milk protein concentrate. Caramelized cane sugar provides sweetness and enhances the color and texture of this one-of-a-kind beverage that one can drink either hot or cold. Mate Au Lait Protein Plus is an excellent source of dairy protein, a good source of calcium with a caffeine content that varies between green tea and coffee. The convenient re-sealable cap makes it easy to drink some now and save some for later.

Third Place: Lassigo, University of Wisconsin Madison

Lassigo is a fermented, protein-rich milk-based beverage with flavors inspired by the traditional Indian yogurt beverage, lassi. With 200 calories in each 10-ounce bottle, Lassigo can serve as a filling snack or replacement for a meal. Lassigo is made with 2 percent milk and whey protein concentrate (WPC-80), is fermented with traditional yogurt cultures (S. thermophiles and L. bulgaricus) and flavored with mango puree, cardamom and saffron. Lassigo is an excellent source of dairy protein and calcium. This refreshing, yogurt beverage contains live and active cultures to help digest lactose and contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Cowconut, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 

Cowconut is a refreshing dairy-based beverage that combines the benefits of nutrition and hydration, accented with exotic coconut and matcha green tea components and flavors. The combination of skim milk and whey protein isolate makes this beverage an excellent source of protein (14 grams in eleven ounces) and calcium as well as a good source of vitamin D. The addition of coconut water and coconut milk confer additional electrolytes. Cowconut is sweetened with just enough cane sugar to enhance the natural sweetness of milk and coconut water. The eleven-ounce glass bottle makes it a portable and convenient beverage for busy young adults – and at 230 calories, it can easily double as a snack or meal replacement.

Fūl, Cornell University 

Fūl, pronounced “fuel”, is a convenient, nutrient-rich dairy milk smoothie made with the novel addition of Japanese yam. he base of 2 percent ultra-filtered milk combined with whey protein isolate, makes each 8-ounce serving an excellent source of protein and calcium and a good source of vitamin D. Combining various fruits with Japanese yam in the smoothie contributes fiber, vitamins and minerals from both fruit and vegetable sources. Fūl comes in three flavors, Sweet Matcha (matcha powder, pear and banana), Mango Medley (mango) and Berry Blast (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry). Fūl is so versatile it can be used for an on-the-go breakfast, a refreshing snack or as part of a workout plan.

Troika, North Carolina State University

Inspired by various coffee and tea beverages around the world, Troika (Russian word meaning three horses pulling a cart) is a ready-to-drink dairy beverage with three main ingredients: milk, coffee and tea. One percent milk and whey protein isolate provides 16 grams of dairy protein in each 12-ounce paperboard slim can – making Troika an excellent source of dairy protein, as well as an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. This unique beverage is sweetened with cane sugar syrup and contains no artificial sweeteners or colors. At 190 calories per 12 ounces, this globally inspired drink can be enjoyed for a mid-morning snack, as part of a pre- or post-workout plan, an afternoon pick-me-up or a replacement for soda.

The products above were developed by students as part of a student innovation competition and have not been evaluated for legal and regulatory requirements. All data related to these products were provided by the students and have not been independently verified by National Dairy Council.
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