Priority areas: Cheese and pizza

Making homemade pizza with cheese
School meals that include pizza and cheese help provide students important nutrition with a taste that they love. This represents a significant market for the industry. Manufacturers can take action by educating consumers and thought leaders on the positive contributions pizza and cheese can provide to students’ diets.

Protecting and growing dairy’s place in schools

The industry is working together to ensure dairy foods meet new school meal guidelines and provide the nutrition growing children need. It also is important to educate school stakeholders and decision-makers about dairy’s nutritional value and benefits so they can become champions for dairy.

Communication tools

Children enjoying pizza during school lunch
Pizza's contributions to Americans' nutrient intake
This presentation features insights on pizza consumption pulled from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) of participants age two years and older. These data include pizza’s contribution to calorie and nutrient intake.