DMI Farmer Relations Team

The dairy checkoff is your voice to build trust in and sales of dairy. We are funded by the nation’s 34,000-plus dairy farm families and those that import dairy into the U.S. DMI Farmer Relations and Communications team members are available to answer your questions about the dairy checkoff and connect you with import resources.
Mike Braden
DMI, Board Relations
Stan Erwine
DMI, farmer relations
Steve Hanson
DMI, farmer relations
Nate Janssen
DMI, farmer relations
Lucas Lentsch
DMI, Farmer Relations Executive Lead
Lisa Magnuson
DMI, Farmer Communications
Don Schindler
DMI, Social Media Manager and Online Farmer Training
Tricia Sheehan
DMI, Farmer Media Relations and Crisis Preparedness
Jennifer Snyder
DMI, Farmer Communications
Scott Wallin
DMI, Dairy/Ag Trade Media Relations