Does Cheese Have Protein?

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  • 1 min read January 19, 2018

Yes, cheese does have protein!

In fact, it’s high-quality protein. While the amount of protein can vary slightly based on the type of cheese, all cheeses contain protein since they’re made from milk, and milk contains protein.

Grams of Protein Per Ounce of Cheese

  • Swiss, per oz.: 8 g
  • Monterey Jack, per oz.: 7 g
  • Ricotta, part-skim (1/2) cup: 14 g
  • Cheddar, per oz.: 6 g
  • Mozzarella, part-skim: 7 g
  • Brie, per oz.: 6 g
  • Process American (1 slice/21 g): 5 g
  • Blue, per oz.: 6 g

Protein is one of six essential nutrients found in cheese, and it can help rebuild and repair muscle tissue.

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This post was originally published on 1/19/2018.