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Whey and fitness


Whey protein, a high-quality protein naturally found in dairy, provides protein the body needs to function properly. By enhancing the quality and performance of whey protein, food and beverage manufacturers and dairy processors can expand use of these ingredients by creating new formulations. Check out the featured information about whey below.


Consumers’ eating habits are changing, opening the door for whey protein — which offers health and wellness benefits that are evidence-based and present a great opportunity. Research supports whey protein as part of a diet higher in protein and, combined with exercise, whey can play a role in lean muscle development, satiety and healthful aging.
Fit man drinks a smoothie with whey protein after a workout


Food and beverage manufacturers are boosting the protein content of products to tap into the growing health and wellness trend. Many food and beverage manufacturers use whey proteins as the protein source of choice for product innovation. The dairy industry has the potential to expand use of these ingredients by creating new formulation possibilities through improvements in whey quality (such as flavor, aroma and astringency) and performance (such as thermal stability).
Researchers studying the benefits of whey