U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards: 2019 Winners

The U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards launched in August 2011 to highlight industry efforts to deliver outstanding benefits to business, community and the environment. The program has recognized over 50 U.S. dairy farms, businesses and collaborative partnerships as environmental leaders.

Each year, an independent judging panel of top dairy conservation and commercial experts consider innovation, scalability and replicability when choosing winners.

Meet the 2019 Winners

Each of this year’s Sustainability Awards winners have a unique story to tell. But one thing is certain — their actions, both big and small, demonstrate dairy foods are produced responsibly.

Read below to see how these dairy farms and businesses advance the industry’s commitment to healthy products, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability

A cover crop not only helped John Maxwell during a difficult growing season, it was an excellent source of cow feed. All while preventing nutrient run-off and erosion. The result: healthier crops, soil and cows. 
From GPS-guided tractors to more efficient barn lighting to introducing a herd of crossbred cattle—and more—Dean Strauss implemented an array of efficiencies on his farm. 
When Philip Verwey changed his feed mixing program from diesel to electric, he cut emissions by the equivalent of taking 7,800 passenger cars off the road—and inspired other farms to do the same.

Outstanding Supply Chain Collaboration

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, General Mills and 16 dairy farmers from Foremost Farms USA use a science-based, on-farm assessment tool to provide a comprehensive estimate energy use. Experts and vendors from Newtrient, EnSave and Consumers Energy helped to collaborate on financial assistance as well as other incentives to reduce the costs of implementation.

Outstanding Community Impact

Gleaners Community Food Bank ensured more clients have access to milk by mastering logistical challenges of getting refrigerated milk to families in need and raising funds with the local dairy community.