Hack the Heat!

The surprising and simple hack to beat the heat is with dairy. Why? Science, of course! #HackTheHeat

Tame the Flaming Tastebuds

The Watt Brothers Play Spicy Roulette

The Watt brothers battle it out to see who can handle the heat in a spicy food roulette! Who can #HackTheHeat better: Derek or TJ?!

The brothers answer some burning questions.

The Watt brothers go head-to-head in another spicy food challenge over hot wings. 

Food Beast's Cherry Pepper Bombs

Let’s get some cherry peppers and light your taste buds on fire! Oh yeah, and keep a glass of milk on hand as a chaser.

Food Beast's Jalapeño Cheese-Crusted Cheese Burger

Go ahead and put a spicy cheese crust on the burger. Or that grilled cheese. Or, really, anything. 

Food Beast's Hot Chicken Tenders

Did we mention how good chicken tenders are when wrapped in a jalapeno cheese crust, then dunked in creamy ranch? 

Food Beast’s Chicken & Parmesan Wheel

Why not toss hot wings in a giant Parmesan wheel? See how Food Beast shook things up with this hack.

Food Beast’s Spicy Ice Cream Rolls

Spicy rolled ice cream is the cool idea we didn't know we were waiting for. Here's what happens when chilis meet ice cream!

Beat the Heat

Misha Simon

Up your chicken-and-cheese game with this hot and gooey goodness.

Is it fancy, or is it science? It’s both, really. See how to make sour cream caviar that helps mellow any flame.

Put some fire into your cannoli game with this sweet-and-spicy recipe. 

Newt Nguyen

Pair cooling vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of chili oil for some sweet, sweet heat.

How can mango + Greek yogurt and milk chill down 50,000 scoville units of heat? This is how.

Hajar Larbah

Easy-freezy peanut butter cups are the coolest way to #HackTheHeat

This iced cereal coffee brings back those feel-good childhood memories and will also keep you cool in the summer heat.

Liam Donafee

Add a tasty surprise to your next ice cream cone with this hack.

The best hack for keeping your cereal ice cold: MILK ICE CUBES.

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