Making Every Drop Count

Making Every Drop Count provides transparency and information to dairy farmers regarding their investment in the checkoff to grow sales and build trust in dairy. We demonstrate the value of this investment and want you to see how we share your stories to build trust and confidence of dairy foods, dairy farmers and the dairy community with consumers, thought leaders and more.

Sharing Your Sustainability Story

As a dairy farmer, your commitment to your animals and the environment runs deep. You’ve continued to do what’s right for your business, preserving your farm for future generations while caring for your cows and the environment. And the great thing is consumers share your same values. They want real dairy, produced with real care, on real dairy farms.

Your checkoff is sharing your sustainability stories with consumers, thought leaders and influencers, positioning dairy as a true leader in environmental stewardship, by showing the ways you are reducing methane and greenhouse emissions.

Exploring Dairy Farmer Sustainability

Farmers and industry experts discuss and explore U.S. dairy’s commitment to sustainability on the Your Dairy Checkoff Podcast. Tune in to discover why your dairy checkoff is actively involved in sustainability research and convening others around this important topic.

Showcasing Dairy’s Sustainability Solutions

By partnering with influencers to create videos and content on Undeniably Dairy, the dairy checkoff shines a spotlight on the innovative practices you use on farms every day to shape a sustainable future.


Even though most farmers aren’t gamers, it’s crucial to recognize that 90% of Gen Z engages with video games. With over 100 million subscribers across his channels, MrBeast connected his followers to the world of dairy farming as gamers joined him to build a dairy farm online (jump to 4:30 mark).

Our Channels: Undeniably Dairy

In our ongoing efforts to engage thought leaders and consumers, we leverage the power of video to share the sustainability solutions dairy farmers use daily and offer valuable insights into the world of dairy.