7 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Whipped Cream

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  • January 5, 2015

If you hang around Dairy Good long enough, you’ll learn that our team loves food holidays – and today, National Whipped Cream Day – is no exception. Whipped cream can be the perfect topping for several recipes; here are some of our favorites. And while you’re at it, check out this simple homemade whipped cream recipe.

1. No matter if you tear open a package of your favorite brand or make this bittersweet cocoa recipe, cocoa topped with whipped cream is always a classic.

2. Looking for a dessert that’s low on the effort scale, but that’s sure to impress? Check out these Chocolate Caramel Pudding Cakes, complete with a dollop of whipped cream, of course.

3. Have a bit more time on your hands? Make these Cookies & Coffee Parfaits the next time you have people over. (Plus, they’re a perfect way to use those Mason jars you’ve been gathering.)

4. Tired of winter? Whip up a few Blueberry Shortcakes for a taste of summer.

5. Imagine this: A buttery graham cracker crust filled with a bittersweet chocolate ganache, a layer of sweet German chocolate cream, all topped with whipped cream. Check out this Double Chocolate Pie for a taste of Heaven.

6. Whipped cream can be a breakfast food, right? Well it is if you top these Brown Butter Apple Spice waffles with it! (We’re sure whipped cream works well on freezer waffles, too!)

7. Waffle Brownie Sundaes. Enough said.