Being Responsible Stewards: Dairy’s Story

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  • 2 min read June 27, 2017

If you’re among the growing number of people who want to know more about where their food comes from and how it’s made, we can help.

Here at Dairy Good, we love to share our stories and answer questions, especially when it comes to how farmers help produce sustainable food and provide their cows the care and comfort they need and deserve – not to mention why you can feel good enjoying milk, cheese, yogurt and more!

Throughout the years, dairy farmers have worked to find ways to be better stewards of the land. In fact, since 1944, they’ve managed to decrease the amount of land and water it takes to produce a gallon of milk, resulting in a 63 percent smaller carbon footprint.

Additionally, research shows that a dairy’s size or location has less impact on the Earth than the practices they use:   

  • Some farmers use their cows’ manure as a natural fertilizer, which helps them cut back on commercial fertilizers.
  • Farmers often recycle water as many as three to five times. For example, water used to clean barns can also irrigate crops that feed cows.
  • Other farmers may put their cows’ manure into anaerobic digester systems to recycle it into clean, renewable electricity. In fact, your local farmer may be powering their farm and parts of your community right now!

It’s not only the land that they care for, but their animals, using several innovative techniques:

  • Placing sophisticated collars (like a Fitbit), bracelets or ear tags on their cows to monitor key behaviors, such as physical activity, body temperature and how much milk they give. Farmers can use this information to make sure each cow receives the care it needs.
  • Housing calves in hutches or pens to keep them safe, as well as closely monitor their health and growth.
  • Responsibly using antibiotics when cows are ill, while also taking several steps to make sure that the milk you buy at the store is antibiotic free.

All of that results in making sure that you get milk that’s fresh, pure and tastes great. But we know some have questions about that, too:

A sustainable, farm and a healthy planet can go hand in hand. Farmers constantly look to improve how they produce milk, and are committed to investing in innovative, sustainable and social efforts that make a difference for everyone. All to help farmers operate more efficiently, while still providing nutritious, high-quality, affordable products for generations to come.