Can Babies Have Yogurt?

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  • 2 min read January 21, 2021

Yes, starting at 6 months old, babies can try yogurt. Yogurt is a wholesome way to ensure your baby gets some of the nutrients they need, and its versatility makes it the perfect canvas for introducing fruits and veggies they’ll enjoy for a lifetime. 

Yogurt is packed with protein and other essential nutrients like:

  • Calcium to build strong bones and muscles
  • Zinc to support growth and immune function
  • B12 for brain development and production of healthy red blood cells 

Not only is yogurt creamy enough to go down easy for first-time eaters, it has a tangy quality thanks to the fermentation process it goes through. Most yogurts are made with live and active cultures, so they provide probiotics—good bacteria—for digestive health.


When can baby try yogurt?

At six months of age, breast milk and formula continue to be baby’s major nutrition source—and it will be throughout their first year. But once they’re a half-year old, they’re ready to enjoy other foods like yogurt. In the first six months of life, breast milk or iron-fortified infant formula should be your baby’s only source of nutrition.

How to serve yogurt to a baby

Whether regular, Greek or Icelandic-style—or whatever kind of yogurt your family enjoys—the plain variety is the best choice for baby because it lacks added sugars while remaining loaded with nutrition.

And it can be the base of your little one’s next great tasting adventure. Adding pureed fruits or veggies to plain yogurt is a fun way to introduce flavors:

  • Stir in pureed peaches or bananas for a sweet experience,
  • Blend in pureed avocado or sweet potatoes for a savory dish,
  • Pair it with another protein source like pureed chicken or beans.

From 12-23 months, your growing baby can start to increase dairy consumption up to a total of two servings a day. This can be a mix and match of cow’s milk, yogurt and cheese. Work with your pediatrician on when and how much food you should introduce to your baby for healthy growth and development.

Once they’ve celebrated their first birthday, they may be ready to try berries (think blueberries and raspberries) in their yogurt or enjoy it spread on a soft bagel!