Easy Holiday Cookie Recipes

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  • 2 min read December 8, 2021

December is a time for holiday cookie recipes, and these seven recipes (well, one of them is a three-in-one recipe, so you do the math) draw from time-honored baking traditions. All of them are flavorful enough to evoke memories of holidays past—and to make new memories, too.

Bûche de Noël Cookies

Here's one of those delightful holiday cookie recipes that ask for whipped ganache and candy sprinkles. They're inspired by Bûche de Noël, or the traditional French Christmas cake shaped like a log.


Flaky cream cheese dough wraps a cinnamon-pecan filling. This is a great recipe to make with children, since the dough is sliced into triangles, then rolled into crescents. And it goes well with hot chocolate as well as coffee and milk.

Rainbow Venetian Cookies

Also known as Italian Rainbow or Seven Layer Cookies, these include three colors of sponge cake with apricot jam and chocolate on the top and bottom. They evoke both the Italian flag and Christmastime.

Benne Wafers

Benne wafers use an ingredient key to West African cultures: benne seeds, which are closely related to sesame seeds. The wafer’s toasty flavor makes for a most delectable treat, and they're easy holiday cookies to make. Tuck benne wafers into a dish of ice cream or serve them straight from the oven.

3-in-1 Peanut Butter Cookies: Chocolate, Marbled & Thumbprint

Yes, you can make three cookies at once. This plan calls for a simple peanut butter dough base and a handful of pantry staples. The result? A classic fork-printed cookie, a jam-filled cookie and a peanut butter cup one. The more the merrier!

Are you looking for more seasonal cookies? Try these 6 Award-Winning Holiday Cookie Recipes from several years of the Go Bold With Butter annual contest. Put some sticks of butter to use! You'll find classic flavors like gingerbread, mulled cider and more.