Lunch-on-a-Stick Skewer Box

Food is fun on a stick. Just think about it for a second. Pickle on a stick. Waffle on a stick. Apple on a stick. It’s got some real state fair vibes.

Bring those vibes to your child’s next lunch with this Lunch-on-a-Stick Skewer Box for yet another fun way to eat. This mealtime setup includes whole grain crackers and trail mix to balance out the savory notes that come from cheese-and-veggie skewers. It’s like built-in permission to play with food!



1 recipe Cheese and Veggie Skewers (see recipe below)

6 whole grain crackers  

6 sugar snap peas and/or baby carrots

¼ cup trail mix

1 serving low-fat or fat-free milk


Cheese and Veggie Skewers Ingredients:

6 cheese cubes

1 Persian cucumber, sliced into rounds

1 slice deli turkey, sliced into half-inch strips and rolled into pinwheels

4 grape tomatoes

4 4-inch bamboo skewers


1. Arrange Cheese and Veggie Skewers in one section of the bento box.

2. Arrange whole grain crackers in another section of the box.

3. Add fresh veggies and trail mix in remaining sections of the box.

4. Serve with milk.


Cheese and Veggie Skewers Instructions:

1. Thread cheese cubes, cucumber wheels, turkey pinwheels and tomatoes onto a skewer.

2. Repeat with remaining skewers.