Industry-wide initiative off to undeniably great start

  • 3 min read May 26, 2018

June marks the kickoff of year two of Undeniably Dairy, a multi- year campaign designed to reignite consumers’ love for dairy while building their trust in the practices of the community – from farm to table.

Developed by America’s dairy farmers through the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, the campaign has unified the community behind a branded platform engaging consumers in fun and surprising ways with content demonstrating how the dairy foods they love are responsibly produced while offering unmatched nutrition. And dairy farmers, processors, retailers and others are making significant and positive contributions to communities across the country.

Undeniably Dairy Master Mural

Why now? We know from research consumers are disconnected from where their food comes from and are often confused about what is and isn’t dairy. In addition, a growing number want assurances the dairy foods they enjoy are produced in a responsible manner relative to the impact on the environment, care provided to animals and assurances of quality and safety throughout the value chain.

Undeniably Dairy rallies community
One of the most powerful elements of Undeniably Dairy has been the focus on bringing farmers, manufacturers and processors, and others in the dairy community on board to drive awareness and to share stories of how U.S. dairy provides responsibly produced, nutrient-rich dairy foods people love.

To date, more than 200 dairy companies and organizations have participated in the campaign. These efforts, combined with the work of national and local dairy checkoff organizations, means millions of consumers, on average, have had the opportunity to see Undeniably Dairy messages in print, online in social channels and in person at branded events and experiences.

Now, as we celebrate National Dairy Month, Undeniably Dairy launches its second year to further reach consumers by celebrating the people who are Undeniably Devoted to Dairy – from farmers and milk haulers to family cooks and fine-dining chefs, and everyone in between. These are the people throughout dairy’s chain and beyond who are connected to dairy. Our goal is to rally the dairy community to share one simple message with consumers: We love making dairy as much as people love enjoying dairy.

Throughout June, the campaign will reach consumers in a variety of relevant channels with content showcasing the dairy community’s story. Key elements of the plan include:

  • Undeniable stories of devotion. We know there are thousands of unique, compelling and authentic stories of dairy devotion – from the family farms that embrace progress and innovation to the local ice cream shop or cheesemaker who creates new culinary experiences for dairy lovers. We will capture and share these stories in many ways – through traditional and social media, and with podcast partners that broaden our reach.
  • World Milk Day. On June 1, we kicked off National Dairy Month and World Milk Day when thousands of farmers, dairy employees, agribusiness and others raised a glass to celebrate. People shared selfies, videos and other fun content on their social media channels, tagging family and friends to raise a glass and amplify our message.
  • Unexpected displays of devotion. We are capturing those devoted to dairy through dairy-themed murals to generate interest among consumers, create an interactive, shareable moment for people to post online and provide a unique story for national and regional media. Look for murals across the country over the coming months; ideas include murals displayed on the sides and roofs of buildings, inside restaurants, “paint- by-numbers” options for people to co-create and reproductions that can be used on milk hauler trucks, billboards and more.

We need your help to continue building momentum this month and beyond. Your national and local checkoff organizations have helpful resources, including creative assets to use on your social media channels, guides to host successful on-farm events, tips on engaging employees and much more. You can find resources through your local promotion organization or by
visiting online (

You also can visit the online store to purchase fun Undeniably Dairy apparel and other merchandise ( Join us and show your devotion to Undeniably Dairy.

This article was originally posted in Progressive Dairyman.