Dairy Checkoff Trade Media Highlights

The following is a selection of dairy industry and agriculture media coverage highlighting ways the dairy checkoff works on behalf of farmers to grow sales and build consumer trust.

Adapting to the challenge while maintaining the mission  

December 11   •   (Progressive Dairy)

Dairy Management Inc. CEO Tom Gallagher reviews some of the checkoff's highlights of 2020.

Tom Gallagher-Alex Peterson Dairy 2030  

December 4   •   (DairyVoice Podcast)

The dairy industry has an eye toward the future with its “Dairy 2030” plan. Dairy Management Inc. CEO Tom Gallagher and Missouri dairy farmer Alex Peterson share insights on the efforts and what it means for dairy.

‘Beast’ Shows Beauty of Dairy In Minecraft Game  

December 4   •   (DairyBusiness)

Connecticut dairy farmer Amanda Freund shares her experiences of giving noted Minecraft gamer Mr. Beast a virtual tour of her dairy.

Understand the benefits processing brings to dairy products  

December 3   •   (Dairy Foods)

National Dairy Council’s Dr. Greg Miller says rather than allowing processing to become a divisive selling point, it should be understood as a necessary step to ensure food safety and freshness.

Checkoff’s ‘Gamer’ Strategy Delivering Dairy Message with Gen Z Audience 

November 30   •   (DairyBusiness)

The dairy industry is finding success with its new approach of reaching Gen Z consumers with its “gamer” strategy led by Dairy Management Inc.  

Checkoff Watch: Checkoff’s eCommerce work starts at the top: Amazon

November 25 •   (Progressive Dairy)

Paul Ziemnisky of Dairy Management Inc. shares insights on the progress and opportunities for dairy in e-commerce.

EPA, dairy industry sign MOU on sustainability

November 13 •   (Feedstuffs In Focus podcast)

Lisa Watson of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy discusses the MOU with EPA and strides the industry has made in the areas of environmental and economic sustainability in recent years.

Serena Schaffner on Veterans Day activities

November 11 •   (RFD-TV)

Veterans Day is a special time in our country and Dairy Management Inc.’s Serena Schaffner shares how efforts led by the dairy checkoff helped honor our heroes.

Fluid Milk Revitalization Efforts Delivering Results

October 30 •   (DairyBusiness.com)

Paul Ziemnisky of Dairy Management Inc. shares updates on the industry’s fluid milk revitalization efforts and how milk remains a powerhouse category.

Tom Gallagher’s Hoard’s DairyLivestream panel appearance

September 23 •   (Hoard's DairyLivestream)

Paul Ziemnisky of Dairy Management Inc. shares updates on the industry’s fluid milk revitalization efforts and how milk remains a powerhouse category.

Barb O’Brien podcast interview

September 18 •   (Feedstuffs in Focus)

Barb O’Brien, president of Dairy Management Inc. and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, discusses a variety of subjects from managing COVID-19 to the industry’s sustainability and environmental goals.

Anne Warden RFD-TV schools interview

September 16 •   (RFD-TV)

Dairy Management Inc.’s Anne Warden shares how the dairy checkoff has helped parents, students and teachers manage at-home learning with e-resources.

Research Centers Rise Up with Industrywide Assist During COVID Crisis

September 4 •   (DairyBusiness)

Dairy Management Inc.’s Bill Graves say milk disposal was an unfortunate consequence of COVID-19 but the National Dairy Foods Research Center network offered valuable solutions.

Dairy’s affordability is a key sustainability consideration

September 3 •   (Dairy Foods)

Dr. Greg Miller of National Dairy Council says dairy has an established nutrition legacy and a commitment to responsible production. But how often do we factor the affordability of nutritious dairy products into the equation?

Paul Ziemnisky interview on partners

July 27 •   (DairyBusiness)

DMI's Paul Ziemnisky gives an update on work with fast food companies during COVID-19, including the latest from Taco Bell.

Sustainability award showcases our commitment to brighter future

July 17 •   (DairyBusiness.com)

Pennsylvania dairy farmer Christian Landis shares insights on what it takes to be part of dairy that makes sustainable practices a high priority.

The Power of Pizza is on Our Side

June 12 •   (DairyBusiness.com)

Pennsylvania dairy farmer Marilyn Hershey, who is chair of Dairy Management Inc., applauds work done with major pizza chains to move more dairy.

Checkoff partnership extends Feeding America’s reach  

June 11   •   (Progressive Dairyman)

Learn more about how the dairy checkoff is partnering with Feeding America to extend its reach and help get more dairy to families in need in this column authored by Jerod Matthews, director of dairy supply chain at Feeding America.

Tom Gallagher: DMI’s response to COVID-19  

June 10   •   (Progressive Dairy podcast)

Dairy Management Inc. CEO Tom Gallagher discusses how the dairy checkoff has navigated COVID-19 and where promotion may go in the future, as well as the changing landscape for fluid milk processing and promotion.

Today’s crisis won’t deter us from tomorrow’s goals   

May 25   •   (Progressive Dairy)

Krysta Harden of Dairy Management Inc. says even with COVID-19 disruptions, the dairy industry needs to keep a focus on the future and its sustainability mission.

Checkoff Watch: U.S. dairy more than ready to share our story of sustainability   

May 6   •   (Progressive Dairy)

California dairy farmer Brad Scott, chairman of the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, says the dairy industry is primed for a world of sustainability.

Checkoff Watch: 25 years of DMI: A milestone worth celebrating   

April 17   •   (Progressive Dairy)

Oregon dairy farmer Steve Neahring, who serves as a Dairy Management Inc. board member, reflects on the 25 years of checkoff work.

Tom Gallagher interview  

April 16   •   (RFD-TV)

DMI CEO Tom Gallagher provides updates on three key areas of checkoff work: schools, hunger organizations and the foodservice/retail area.

“Cows Don’t Know There’s a Virus” Vilsack Says as Dairy Continues to Push Forward

April 13   •   (Midwest Farm Report)

Tom Vilsack, president and CEO of U.S. Dairy Export Council, says COVID-19 is the last thing the dairy industry needs as this supposed to be a year of recovery.

How can dairy get to those who need it?

April 13   •   (Hoard’s Dairyman)

The checkoff’s work is based on the objective of helping farmers by getting milk and other dairy products to the people who need it most.

Dairy Checkoff Helping Producers Weather COVID-19

April 10   •   (AgWired)

Dairy checkoff leaders Tom Gallagher, Barb O’Brien and Tom Vilsack address media members on how DMI and the checkoff-founded U.S. Dairy Export Council continue to find ways that can help farmers.

Efforts by DMI to support dairy during COVID-19  

April 10   •   (Dairy Stream podcast)

DMI CEO Tom Gallagher goes in-depth on this podcast interview to share checkoff updates and strategies during these difficult times. 

COVID-19 emergency school nutrition campaign takes on hunger  

April 9   •   (Feedstuffs “In Focus” Podcast)

Ann Marie Krautheim, president and chief wellness officer of GENYOUth, explains how the organization’s COVID-19 Emergency School Nutrition Fund will help schools nationwide continue to feed at-risk children.

Checkoff purpose more important than ever

April 1   •   (Progressive Dairy)

DMI CEO Tom Gallagher offers an overview of key checkoff focus areas and why the organization may be more critical now than ever before.

Amid these challenging times, we carry on

March 23   •   (Hoard’s Dairyman)

DMI CEO Tom Gallagher shares his appreciation of dairy farmers for continuing to produce food amid these challenging times, adding that checkoff efforts are focusing on those in need.

Adapting to the challenge while maintaining the mission