Priority areas: Protein

Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt are good to excellent sources of high-quality protein and contain other essential nutrients. However, many consumers are unaware these dairy products provide quality protein. By spreading the word about how dairy products can help satisfy consumer need states throughout their lifetime, we can increase consumer awareness and grow sales.
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Protein for healthy aging, sports performance and weight management

Protein has become an important consideration for consumers, due to the benefits they perceive it provides, yet few are aware that dairy foods (such as milk, cheese and yogurt) contain the high-quality protein they seek. Protein and the essential nutrients unique to dairy foods can help meet consumers’ needs. The dairy industry, along with the food and beverage industry, has an opportunity to grow sales by increasing consumer awareness of dairy foods and ingredients as a high-quality source of protein.

Drive growth through protein

Protein is a $60 billion market—and growing. Bring new products to life or grow your brand by using the Protein Innovation Guide. This suite of materials has a variety of tools for different situations. Pick and choose those that address your business challenge.
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How to use the protein innovation guide
Use the protein innovation guide to identify insights that link to your brand , find areas with the most potential for your brand, and validate your ideas with nutrition science. Learn how to use the toolkit to position for growth in the protein space.
Prime areas of the protein opportunity
These benefit territory maps and briefs describe ways into consumers’ hearts and minds. Use them to jumpstart your team’s innovation efforts and understand consumers who seek protein.
Explore and leverage the scientific opportunities
These tools help define scientific boundaries and provide support in developing claims. Companies must assume all risks in using this information to develop claims and engage in the necessary due diligence.
Keys to innovating for the protein space
This section provides tools to define success, ideate, refine ideas, and more. Since protein is a health-based opportunity, consider scientific as well as consumer and marketplace feasibility using these keys to innovation.

Protein communication tools

Powered by dairy: Social media content
Communicate with consumers about protein and its benefits with these sample social media posts.
Protein science landscape
This presentation summarizes both the scientific support for and consumer beliefs about protein’s functions.
Protein and vegetarian meals
High-quality protein, such as the protein found in dairy foods and ingredients, can help power health and wellness whether consumers are vegetarian, “flexitarian” or just trying to eat healthier.
Protein and healthy aging

Protein found in dairy foods and ingredients can play a role in supporting healthy aging.

Protein and exercise
Learn the importance of consuming high-quality protein, such as the protein found in dairy foods and ingredients, to help achieve fitness goals.
Dairy helps meet protein needs
Find out how dairy can help meet protein needs.
Protein: Understanding the basics
From helping build muscle with exercise to providing easy and tasty options at meals, high-quality protein foods, such as dairy foods, can help meet health and wellness goals.
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