Cottage Cheese: The New Ramen on Campus

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  • 1 min read August 16, 2019

Pizza and ramen might be mainstays on campus, but there’s another nutritious, delicious and affordable option for today’s college students: cottage cheese.

That’s right, that ’80s staple is making a big-time comeback, even gaining favor from devoted athletes and sparking conversation among foodies.

Here are just a few wheys cottage cheese can be college cheese:


Single servings don’t take much space in your mini fridge.


At 40 cents a serving, it’s easy on the wallet.


Your roommates can’t “accidentally” eat it because your name is on the container.


Mix-ins like honey, granola or spicy corn chips keep it lively (now you’re cooking).


Or add an avocado to make guac (genius!).


Or whip it in a blender to spread on a bagel or toast (hey there, chef!).


Single-serving cups mean you can eat while walking to class.


You don’t have to do dishes since you can eat straight from the container! (That means no group text shaming you with a pic of dirty dishes.)


Go ahead, eat in bed—it’s easy to clean up.


Eating more healthy foods like cottage cheese leads to better health, which leads to fewer trips to that campus clinic.

Looking for other ways to enjoy cottage cheese? Check out some of the recipes below: