Do You Know ... What Is Quark?

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  • 1 min read April 25, 2019

As cottage cheese gains recognition among foodies and entrepreneurs alike, it’s reasonable to say that curd’s the word.

One curd can be found in Eastern European recipes, and you’re bound to hear of it if you’re a soft-cheese fan. It’s quark, a fresh and soft cheese that at first glance looks like a very thick white yogurt. Its texture is smooth and its flavor mild with a hint of tartness. It can be made from whole, low-fat or skim milk.

It’s often used in Swedish recipes (as Kvarg) or as an ingredient in German cheesecakes. Go ahead and eat it chilled straight from the container because, like yogurt, it’s spoonable (top it off with fruit or Harissa), but it’s also less tangy. Think cream cheese or ricotta—but even creamier.

When it comes to cooking, Quark and Greek yogurt can be interchangeable. It gains a savory edge in this potato salad and a sweet side in this lemony blueberry parfait.

And to really get to know quark, try making it! United Dairy Industry of Michigan has this home recipe.